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CV9 & Gravity Revolution are the Best Priced True Vibration Machines Available... Checkout the Specs below and feel free to contact us to Compare to others being Sold!

We will explain factually not with theories.

If you have done any research at all, then you are likely to be more confused now than you were before starting, We are dumbfounded at all the misinformation given by Sellers and so called Comparison Websites that state incorrect machine Specs and many contradictions, most of their knowledge seems to come from guess work, how many machines have been returned to them and outright lies, not actual observed day in day out client use or clinical study resources!

There are certain specs a Vibration Machine needs to posses for the user to attain the benefits found in over 400 Studies & Peer Reviewed Papers.

At our Studio we use all the Technologies and Machine Types, these include Galileo, Sonix & Theravibe with this in mind, after 10 years of hands on experience we are more than qualified to judge what Specs & Features a machine needs to work.

Clinical research shows that a machine needs to reach at least 10g's in force to be considered a True Vibration Machine and 15g's+ for maximum results, our vast experience has proven this fact to be true.

(In the European Space Agency experiments the most successful outcomes came from using a G-force of 15G's+. Reducing that to 10G's resulted in partial success. Reducing to 5G's or less reduced the effectiveness by 70-100% ie. if muscle, bone and body conditioning are your goals, using low G-force is ineffective for all but the most frail and deconditioned individuals)

Unfortunately Lineal and Triplainer machines are so uncomfortable at 10g's most users cannot use them and would be completely unusable at 15g's

A True Lineal machine will be made of Heavy Gauge Steel & have a Heavy Steal plate which then creates enough energy through it's weight that muscles respond with the Stretch Reflex, most Lineal machines available in the market place do not have the build quality and therefore inertia for this effect.

 Manufacturers of low powered machines use scare tactics when asked about the Force produced by their machines compared to a High Acceleration Oscillating machine, the truth is below...
Maximum forces

  • 130% of body weight during High Acceleration Oscillating Vibration Training @30Hz (Galileo, CV9, Gravity Revolution)

  • 150% of body weight during Walking

  • 190% of body weight during Rising from a chair

  • 320% of body weight during Jumping on one leg

  • 600% of body weight during Jumping on both legs


Our Oscillating platforms produce 15g's max+ without any discomfort for the average user, this is why we chose to supply True Oscillating Vibration Machines but not just any machines, we had to find machines that were as close to the Specs of the original German (Gallileo $10,000-$15,000) Vibration Machine but at an affordable price.

Link to study showing (SV)Oscillating Vibration is more effective than Powerplate(SyV)Lineal Vibration:

To our good fortune we came across Cardiotech Australia & more recently Gravity HQ who designed & built the CV9 & Gravity Revolution, both of these machines were developed to give the user Optimum Specs & Unrivalled Features.

The CV9 Oscillating platform is 72% larger than its nearest competitor, it is the only True Oscillating Vibration Machine that allows access to its platform from all four sides, these unrivalled Specs & Features result in more body positions and exercises which equal superior results... The Canadian CV9 (CompleteVibe9) was re-engineered to reach a True 28Hz and has Weight Adjust Sensitivity, everything else is the same as the Australian 22Hz model.

The Gravity Revolution Oscillating platform is 90% larger than it's nearest competitor and capable of a True & Independently Verified 5-30Hz with an Maximum Amplitude of 13mm, the Gravity Revolution creates more Hyper Gravity than any other Vibration Machine available in Canada 0.2 - 23.6Gs...

The difference between a True Vibration Machine capable of 15g's+ and a Fake is the difference between you attaining results or just getting a massage... Ask to see proof of the claimed speed capabilities of a Vibration Machine before spending your hard earned money, unfortunately some companies will count one revolution as two just to make their machine appear to run at a higher speed than it truly does!


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RRP $2,995.00 + Tax

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Includes $325.00 in Extra's

'The only machine with Weight Adjust Sensitivity'

Exclusive in Canada to Spice Wellness Systems

  • 900W DC Motor

  • 396lb Maximum Weight

  • Pivotal /Oscillation Vibration

  • Manual + 4 Auto Modes + 3 User Specified Programs

  • Includes Stretch Bands

  • Includes Exclusive Massage Mat

  • Includes User Manual + Exercise DVD + Toning & Strength Program Poster

  • True 6-28hz with 10mm Amplitude Peak and 0.7-15.8Gs Max

  • Machine Dimensions: 76cm W x 75cm D x 142cm H

  • Platform 67cm X 53cm Rubber over Metal (Industry Largest & Strongest)

  • One of a kind Corner Pillar (No Obstructions)

  • Weight Adjust Sensitivity (Industry First)

  • Remote Control, Pulse & Fat Meter

  • Comes with over 300 Online Video's showing Correct Positioning for all Conditions, Goals & Fitness Levels

  • Five Year Warranty on Motor & Two Year Warranty on Parts & Labor for Non Commercial Use 


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Whole Body Vibration Machine

Gravity Revolution
RRP $3,999.00 + Tax
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Includes $325.00 in Extra's
'The Most Powerful & Capable Machine Available'
Exclusive in Canada to Spice Wellness Systems

  • 1500W DC Motor

  • 440lb Maximum Weight

  • Pivotal Oscillating Vibration

  • Manual + 5 Programs

  • Includes Stretch Bands

  • Includes User Manual + Exercise DVD

  • True & Independently Tested speed of 5-30Hz

  • 13mm Amplitude Peak

  • 0.2 - 23.6Gs Max  Most capable Oscillating Vibration Machine Available.

  • Machine Dimensions 71.5cm W x 55cm D x 154cm H

  • Platform Size 67cm x 51cm

  • Secondary Controls on lower Main Column

  • Comes with over 300 Online Video's showing Correct Positioning for all Conditions, Goals & Fitness Levels

  • Five Year Warranty on Motor & Two Year Warranty on Parts & Labor for Non Commercial Use

Introducing the CV9