A Small Sample of Thousands of Testimonials we have received Since 2008 

What people are saying after their Trial!

I had lost 4.7 inches which was a good beginning, the machines were great & Simon & Wendy are Awesome.
Joni, age 58

I was very impressed with the service and instruction of how to use the equipment. The 3 types of machines were quite different and useful for different points of the body. The Infrared Sauna was also great.
Robert, age 44

I am in love with all that Spice has to offer, Wendy & Simon are wonderful and full of great information, I can’t wait to come back!
Lori, age 32

This is a very friendly, relaxing place to end your day. I slept better after each treatment and lost 5 inches, will definitely continue.
Bonnie, age 57

I am sleeping better through the night and feel rested in the morning, surprised and thrilled to lose 3.5inches & have more energy.
Dana, age 38

I felt more relaxed & had better nights sleep on the days that I visited.
Ruth, age 50

After my first 3 visits I have more energy, I sleep better and have less overall aches & pains. Has been a great overall experience with the machines and staff as well.
Kim, age 36

I absolutely loved the vibration sessions. I felt it immediately in my entire body when I was finished my 1st session. The owners are so wonderful and take the time to answer my questions.
Kim, age 30

I loved my visits to Spice, I seen some amazing results in 3 days, with inches lost and pain reduction in my lower back. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fun easy way to better their health.
Katrina, age 23

I feel energized, it is fast & convenient. The pain in my foot has reduced dramatically. My lower back pain was less. I like the 10 minute sessions and it is practical for my schedule.
Corezon, age 41

I was very happy with my results and the knowledge of the staff. I can definitely see how these machines can give great long term results.
Janis, age 31

I was very happy to be able to try out the different machines. I really enjoyed the Far Infrared Sauna. I was so relaxed afterward. Thank you for introducing a new concept to wellness.
Diana, age 43

Great! I must say I was a sceptic but the way I feel at the moment is amazing. I’m not totally pain free but after 3 visits I am more flexible and not as stiff. Definitely recommended.
Heike, age 46

I have really enjoyed all 3 sessions. After each session I felt I had more energy. I felt it also eased the tiredness caused by fibromyalgia. Overall it was a great experience; I will carry on with more sessions.
Anna, age 55

I can’t believe that after only 3 visits to Spice Wellness Systems I’ve lost 4 inches! I can’t wait to see more results!
Emma, age 22

I enjoyed my trial, I believe I am feeling better. I really like the customer service at Spice, was above and beyond.
Lynda, age 52

Wow lost 4 inches. The machines were very interesting to use and I could really feel the effect. First time I used the machine I found I had more energy. The place is very professional, Wendy & Simon are great.
Jamie, age 50

Before coming I was sceptical on this “FAD” however, after my 2 visits I felt a difference in body/mental/emotional being. My 3rd visit was awesome. I lost inches and I’m pumped. It worked! I’m happy and hope to continue.
Asif, age 33

I love it. I love the idea! Wendy & Simon you are definitely in the right place to help us all.
Tara, age 47

What Our long-term clients are saying!

Before joining Spice, I only enjoyed 2 weeks out of a month due to PMS. Water retention, bloating, cramping, aching varicous veins are but a few things that kept me at home. The Doctors say that what I experience is all related to my hormones fluctuating & the only way to fix it will be to go on a birth control pill. I chose to try Spice first and I'm glad I did. After the first month, actually 3 weeks of vibrating, my time was coming and i remember looking at the calendar & wondering why I wasn't laid up in bed. My menstrual cycle came and went with no problems. I thought that it must be a coincidence & kept going. Next month, no PMS and my cellulite appearance was improving, stomach getting tighter & forgot why I booked an appointment with the vein doctor??
My days of gaining 5lbs in water before my cycle is over along with many other symptoms. Thank you Spice I now enjoy the whole month! I'd like to add that I would have to go to a massage therapist once a month for tension knots and my tension is gone, now I go for fun!
I have changed nothing else in my lifestyle, only added Spice (WBV) so I know this is the key ingredient to my wellness!
Sandra, age 39


I have been using Whole Body Vibration for about 4 months now.
Before I started I couldn't stand for more than 15 minutes at at time, and walking was very painful. I felt tired all the time.
Now i have energy to burn, I am looking forward to skiing again this year.
I no longer suffer from back pain, and as a bonus I have even lost a few pounds.
All that with only 3 ten minute sessions a week.
Susan, age 53

 I have been a member at Spice Wellness for almost a year now. I have experienced firsthand the many benefits of Whole Body Vibration. At age 56, I feel great, as a matter of fact I have not felt so great in decades. I have lots of energy, I sleep well, symptoms of Fybromyalgia significantly decreased. During my last visit to my family doctor she remarked that not many women my age are as flexible as I am. Since I have very limited time for other sports activities, I believe Whole Body Vibration helped me stay fit. I firmly believe Whole Body Vibration is a big contributor to my overall well being and health. Only 10 minutes 3 times a week it is a very attainable way to stay healthy and fit.
The staff at Spice Wellness are very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating . I will definitely continue using Whole Body Vibration Therapy at Spice Wellness. And I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for ways to improve their quality of life.
Anna - Maria, age 56


I must admit I was skeptical when I first tried WBV.  I have Type II diabetes.  I had read where WBV was reputed to help with circulation so I thought I'd give it a try.  One of the symptoms of Type II as circulation deteriorates, is a burning sensation in your feet, especially at night.  While not especially painful it is disturbing not only because of its unpleasant feeling but because it reminds you of your condition.  Within two or three sessions of WBV the nighttime burning was significantly reduced.  After a few weeks, it had pretty much disappeared.  To prove this wasn't a fluke, I avoided WBV for a week and sure enough, the burning came back.  Now I go to my three times per week sessions as regularly as I can.  I haven't had that burning sensation for a couple of months now.  I've also lost about 10 pounds in the past 2 months through WBV and regular walking (10 km/week). I am very pleased.

Ted, age 60


I have been doing WBV for over three years.  I was attracted to it because I was looking for another way to prevent osteoporosis. All of the women on my mother's side of the family have osteoporosis and I was determined to do everything I could to maintain my bone mass. I exercise, jog and eat properly and I do WBV. Even though I am in the years that women lose the most bone mass (I'm 63), my bone scans have showed stable bone mass. I think WBV has made a real difference!!!
Kerry, age 63


At first I too was skeptical about WBV. I had heard about the potential benefits it offered to help with conditions such as poor circulation and neurological damage which sparked my interest. After deciding to give it a try I realized that within that first week I had less frequent numbness along my damaged nerve I experienced an added release of energy and a general overall boost. However my reason for continuing to use the machine has solely been based on the progress it has added to my sleep cycle. I have suffered from very cyclical sleep patterns, struggling with not only the ability to fall asleep but stay asleep. Since committing to the use of WBV I now feel less of an energy drag. In addition to that I find myself waking up during the night less often and on days I use the machine I tend to clock an hour more of sleep time. Which for those of you who may also struggle from sleep disturbances know that additional hour or two goes a long way. Not to mention that the environment and staff at Spice Wellness has always created a welcoming and comforting atmosphere.
Jessica, age 22


I Love this system,
Coming from a workout background, the results you get with 10 minutes a day versus 1-2 hours at a Gym, are great.
But more importantly it's the fact that my lower back feels much better.
I have severe arthritis in my lower back.
Terry, age 56