Prehab before Surgery & Rehab after Surgery

with Vibration Therapy

Prepare for Surgery & Recover post-Surgery in a fraction of the time & effort it normally takes by using Vibration Therapy at Calgary’s Only Vibration Clinic.

Vibration Therapy Sessions last approximately 10 to 15 minutes and engage over twice the amount of muscle fibers than other forms of Therapy & Exercise… This equates to stronger and more stable joints & muscles and with up to 400% increase of circulation, it will accelerate recovery.

With over 130 positive clinical studies performed, Vibration Therapy is a Science Based answer to Prehab & Rehab.

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Prehab & Rehab for

Surgery with Vibration


What to Expect

One on One sessions in a private room which last up to 15 minutes.


Sessions & progress are logged & available to your physician, with your permission.


Sessions can vary from sitting, standing or kneeling.


Compliance tends to be higher than other Therapies, results are faster and therefore overall less expensive.

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