Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Do you have to be a member to use your services?

A: No you do not need to be a member to use our services but members do receive additional discounts on all our services!


Q: How long do your members usually join for?

A: Some of our members join for just one chosen term, some rejoin for more chosen terms and some have been continual members since we opened in 2008!



Q: How far away do most of Your clients live, how far is too far?

A: Most of our clients live within 15km from our studio, although we do have clients who travel in from Okotoks & even Canmore and find the studio location convenient when traveling to the City!



Q: What happens when I go on vacation or are unable to attend for a while?

A: None of our clients lose any missed time, because they are up to 6 times more compliant than the average Gym member, we add all missed time to their given term! We want our clients to love coming to Spice and feel absolutely zero pressure to make sure they are coming enough to make it worthwhile or worry about losing sessions - we eliminate all guilt. Our memberships and sessions are about open and convenient access whenever it works for you.



Q: What happens if I move out of the area?

A: Our members only have to give us 30 notice if they move out of the area for full cancellation!



Q: Are your services & memberships transferable?

A: Yes, our services & memberships are fully transferable, there is an agreement change and that’s it!



Q: Are my children allowed to wait for me while I use your services?

A: Our client’s children are allowed to wait quietly in the reception or child area while their parents attend Vibration sessions, however we do have a limit of 15 minutes, Massage, Footbath’s and Sauna sessions take at least 30 minutes, so they are too long!



Q: What happens if I cannot get on my chosen Vibration machine?

A: The maximum wait would be approximately 10 minutes, having said that we do have 15 various machines and can usually find a suitable alternative!