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Ionic Foot Bath

An ionic foot bath is an effective way of getting rid of toxins that are present in the body. The idea is that the foot bath draws toxins down your body and then out through the feet. The body is exposed to many pollutions, which include chemicals in our food, atmosphere and even in the clothes we wear. These toxins accumulate in our bodies. One of the ways to get rid of these toxic build-ups is through the use of an ionic foot bath, it is a convenient way of detoxifying the body. You will require about 30 minutes for an ionic foot bath detox.

What are the Benefits of an Ionic Foot Bath?

There are many benefits of ionic foot bath detox. These include liver detoxification, joint stiffness and pain relief, improvement of sexual health and an increase in energy levels. It also purges heavy metals, reduces your stress levels and helps with sleep disorders. Ionic foot detox is also known to improve memory, as well as assist in the recovery process of injuries and certain surgeries.

It helps internal cleansing with a full body purge and enhances your immune system. An ionic foot detox bath is also known to remove blood clot material. Moreover, it also helps in liver, kidneys and parasite cleanse and improves the functioning of liver and kidneys. Along with these health benefits, an ionic foot bath is also beneficial in aiding many skin problems. It helps to get rid of wrinkles and long lasting acne problems, skin rashes and blotchy skin are also aided by a foot detox. Yellow-green and dark patches over the skin that might be formed due to build up of tissue acid wastes inside your body can also be eliminated with an ionic foot bath.

With many more such benefits, an ionic foot bath is one of the most relaxing ways in which you can detoxify your body. All you need is to sit in a chair and dip your feet in the ionic foot bath. The positive and negative ions in the foot bath water will work by attaching themselves to the toxins in your body and the toxins that are soluble will dissolve in the water..

1-30 Minute Session             $35.00
3-30 Minute Sessions           $97.50
5-30 Minute Sessions           $150.00
10-30 Minute Sessions         $250.00