154 - 9919 Fairmount Dr SE,
  Calgary, Alberta  T2J 0S3
 (403) 698-6892


The owners of Spice Wellness Systems started their first Health & Fitness Club in London UK back in 1995. Since emigrating to Canada in 2004 they have owned another two Health & Fitness Club's in Calgary, and since January 2008 they have been involved in Spice Wellness Systems. What they brought with them was a wealth of knowledge and expertise from their many years as Gym owners. This has been invaluable as Spice Wellness has evolved and will do for many years to come.

Spice Wellness Calgary has two sides. One side is wellness, which involves using Whole Body Vibration therapeutically as well as our many other wellness services. The other side is using Whole Body Vibration as Accelerated Training, this involves performing exercises while using our different types of platforms. We monitor and create new programs for our clients and with the aid of this amazing technology, we are able to help de-conditioned individuals, elite athletes and everyone in between to reach new health, fitness and wellness heights. By using commercial Whole Body Vibration machines and the different technologies, we are able to engage muscles and muscle fibres that just can't be practically stimulated in other forms of exercise.



Whether our clients' needs are wellness and therapeutic, workout, or both, we have the facilities, knowledge and services to meet their requirements. We have a huge user ratio compared to the average gym, up to six times to be precise, and pride ourselves on knowing our clients by their names instead of their membership number.